Our Daycare Philosophy


A child’s early years provide a foundation for growth and development for the rest of his or her life. Every child needs and deserves a loving and caring environment. We constantly put ourselves in parent’s shoes and therefore treat your child as if they were our own. Having children of our own, we fully understand the trust that must be placed with us and we take this earned trust extremely seriously. We want daycare to be a positive experience for every child that we care for. Therefore, we prefer to work side by side with parents that feel and act the same. Our goal is to help the children we care for feel safe, happy, and loved; to bolster self-confidence, self-assurance, and trust; enabling every child to progress at their own pace, in a way that best makes them feel happy and content. In order to help each child develop to their fullest potential, we believe an environment must be created that encourages a child’s curiosity about the world.  Our goal at Sara's Home Preschool is to create a positive environment with opportunities of thinking creatively to make decisions and choices within appropriate limits. Above all, we provide an environment where love and respect are shown for each child as an individual, and where all children learn to love and respect themselves and one another. Good communication between parents and provider is a very important part of a quality daycare. Each child is different, unique, and special and will be treated as such. Children’s early and carefree years are far too short. Therefore, we do not rush children through this fun filled time in their lives. Rather, each child is encouraged to develop and grow at their own pace. We look forward to keeping children smiling and safe for many years to come.