Parents Info


Communication is very important to me. When I accept a new family into my business, I like to be sure that we can share openly any concerns or questions that may arise. It is important that there is a similar child care philosophy between us. I welcome questions, feedback, or discussions of any kind that are oriented towards a positive outcome for the child. Sensitive issues will be discussed in private outside of regular child care hours either by telephone or conference. Conferences will not be scheduled as a routine part of your child's care, however, should you like to have a conference, you may request one at any time.  As you are leaving your child with me while you are working I understand that direct involvement is not always possible.  There are other ways you can contribute to our program such as: sharing interests and skill, perhaps: donating toys, books or supplies such as tissue boxes, art supplies, paper towels etc. that may not be in use at your home; or donating craft supplies; etc. Any other ways you can think of to be involved I would be happy to discuss with you. Also, your daily report will indicate if we need more of anything for your child.  For example, diapers, wipes, extra cloths, formula will be indicated if more is needed.  To ensure your child receives high quality care, it’s important to bring any supplies needed for your child before they run out.  We don’t stock extra diapers or cloths for children who run out.  It’s important to check the daily form on a daily basis and bring the supplies as soon as possible. The daily form will have events of the day such as when your child ate and drank and when diapers were changed, their nap schedule and other important information.

It’s important for parents to visit a home daycare, evaluate the space, environment and program when deciding where would be the best fit for their child.

We strive to go beyond basic requirements. As childcare providers, we are entrepreneurs who take pride in our small business and continually challenge ourselves to remain at the leading edge of the child care profession. 


Home daycares often appeals to parents who want their child in a warm and caring homelike atmosphere. A home atmosphere fosters an overall feeling of satisfaction, contentment, and security. It is also comforting and reassuring for children. Homes are comfy and cozy, never cafeteria-style or institutional-feeling. In a quality home daycare, children get nurtured the way they should be, and deserve. One of the major benefits a home daycare can offer parents and their children is a small group, due to the low child to adult ratio that each home daycare must legally comply to. A smaller group means your child is more likely to get the one-on-one interaction they deserve. Children foster closer social bonds and get closer attention. This kind of nurturing, individualized attention contributes significantly to a child's social and emotional growth.